The Original OEM for Access Control

ApolloEM runs some of the most sensitive and demanding sites across the globe, and we’ve been doing it for over 30 years. As the premier independent OEM provider of open access control hardware, we offer power and flexibility that make our products the cornerstone of any robust Integrated Security System. Made in the USA…proven the world over, time and time again.

ApolloEM has the advantage

Our hardware solutions are in use at some of the most sensitive sites around the world including militaries, nuclear power plants, major airports, transport hubs and more. Select solution providers have been able to take advantage our outstanding feature set and mission critical reliability for years. Now with an Open Platform SDK and available for partners in Security, Transportation, Energy, Critical Infrastructure or any industry that that needs high-end performance for Access Control and more.

Bringing features and capabilities never before seen in Access Control hardware, the ASP platform provides flexibility to accomplish more with less, providing excellent ROI. The advanced capabilities of our hardware provide the ability to solve problems by utilizing features not normally found in Access Control and devices.

Our framework for scripting and embedded routines allows partners to create their own product based on the needs of their particular industry or client base.

ApolloEM is your ideal partner when it comes to reliability, support and customization. We’ve been creating innovative security products for 30 years and we are just getting started.

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